No more syncronization, one inventory for all sales channels.

Your physical and online stores with the same inventory.  Now is possible with Virpos.

  • Start with us today and your inventories will always be updated.

    Virpos is a ready-to-use platform in your store and on the web, it is already connected to a single inventory, it does not require additional software to work.

  • Create a new product in your Virpos.

    It is very easy, just by uploading the product to your Virpos account it will automatically appear in your POS and on your Web Site at the same time.

  • Always Updated.

    Remember our system uses a single database to operate local sales and online sales so it is always updated.

When you upload a product in your Virpos software and it is sold in your local store or online, it is discounted from the same database, there is no need to synchronize.


Existing data? Don’t worry, we can help.

Virpos can help set you up with a complimentary bulk load. We send all current product data to one place and you start to sell in all sales channels.
If you have product data in different systems we can help you by accommodating everything in one system to make the job easier.

  • Merge reports
  • Automation
  • Bulk loads
  • Pick and choose

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