About Us

We are the real omnichannel company

We are a company dedicated to developing omnichannel systems that has a multi-disciplinary team of developers at the forefront of technology, which for many years we have been developing new interconnected technologies aimed at making the world of commerce easier and making it accessible to all those People who want to have the best of the best in sales systems at their fingertips, but don’t have the experience to handle it.

Virpos exists so you can take your business to another level, the omnichannel level. You leave the technological part to us and you dedicate yourself to promoting your business in the field in which you dedicate yourself.

We put the right tools in your hands so that local and electronic commerce are one and enter the new commercial era that begins in 2020 with Virpos.

You do not need to have experience to operate our platforms, our interfaces are designed so that anyone can operate them.

We develop omnichannel systems where your customers have a unified shopping experience and the seller can manage both retail and online worlds in the same way with unified inventories and many other features necessary to be successful these days.

We are the only company that unifies all payment systems in the same tool, now you can accept Credit cards in person, Credit cards online, Aple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay, Phone orders, Cash, Zelle, Cash App, Echecks, Western Union from your POS, WEB or APP

If you want to have an interconnected system to be able to carry out all your commercial operations Virpos is the right company.

We do not offer you to solve part of your problems, with us you will have absolutely everything you need to operate your business, whether you sell 1 or 10,000 products or services, our systems are ready to assist you.

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