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Virpos is the first hybrid system in the world that contains all the tools that you need to sell your products or services locally and online.

what includes our system?

  • (POS) Point of Sale to sell and accept payments locally
  • (WEBSITE) Custom Web Site to sell and accept payments online
  • (APP) Application to do business through mobile devices that your clients will be able to download from your website
  • (VPT) Virtual payment terminal that will allow you to accept payments both in person and by phone

What really makes us different from other companies on the market such as square, clover, ziosk, skuiq and others is that all the systems that make up Virpos are connected to a single ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM and a single INVENTORY which means “We do not Synchronize”, Virpos “Updates in Real Time” to the same database, which makes us the only truly omnichannel system in the world.

At Virpos we create your own cloud to accept payments, that means that you only need a single user and password to do all your operations, in your cloud you can publish products to be sold online and accept credit and debit cards.

Your cloud also connects to your payment terminal to accept payments in person with Credit and Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and accept payments from third parties such as Zelle, Cash App, Western Union, Bank Transfers and finally you can accept phone orders and accept cash.

Cloud based Virtual POS (From 2020)
The new patented technology from Virpos Incorporate a website ready to sell to the Cloud Based POS, creating the real Omnichannel system, the most complete accepting payment platform in the world.

Cloud based POS (Post 2000s)
Store all the data in the cloud and the store manager or owner can view reports, make changes to the menu, or any other task involving the point of sale from any place.

POS (Old school)
All of the data is stored on a local server at the business. That means the business owner or manager must be present at the physical location to view reports, make changes to the menu, or any other task involving the point of sale software.

In the terminal
Credit and Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Zelle, Cash App, Western Union, Bank Transfers, Phone, Cash.

Credit And Debit Cards

Eat in, Pickup, Delivery, any custom option

Fedex, UPS, USPS

Yes for sure, Virpos is the right solution for you, the best of both worlds in one platform.

Yes, remember this is an only one inventory for all your sales. It is almost impossible to oversell your products.

Yes, you will see absolutely all the characteristics of your products such as quantities, variations, photos and more and if you make any changes to any product it will immediately be reflected in all your sales channels.

Just open a Free account and start to accept payments today

In our system, making a local or online order is the same all the data and fields will be updated in real time within your account.

Not, because there is nothing to synchronize. We update on demmand, you have a control panel to see in real time your inventory, local and online sales reports and much more!!!

Yes of course, imagine having the convenience of publishing in your post or on your website and that your products are immediately ready to be sold online avoiding double data entry.

Yes, because Virpos is a truly omnicannal system, it has the particularity of being able to publish products in all sales channels at the same time to make your job easier.

Virpos is highly flexible. The software supports two-way syncs, one-way syncs, syncing just one specific field, etc. If you need a custom configuration, our support team can work with you to understand your needs and help get you set up.

Virpos plans are month-to-month. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time.

Cancelling Virpos is easy, just email support@virpos.com.

Is very simple, we offer just one plan, it doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business. Virpos has the ability to adapt to your needs and grow with you.

Every Virpos customer receives priority support via email, plus unlimited access to Virpos’s knowledge base where you can find immediate answers to almost every question.

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